Taking responsibility means to reject museling

Museling is the removal of surplus skin at the rear end of lambs without anaesthesia to avoid infestation of the sheep blowfly there. An infestation of fly larvae may cause a severe infection which even could kill the sheep. A plain but scarred surface by museling is considered to avoid the infestation of insects. This method is mainly applied in Australia and New Zealand nowadays, because the special kind of flies live there. Formerly this method was used with adult sheep, because it was considered “too hard” for lambs.

But lamps obviously recovered faster because the surface affected is smaller.

Farmers and researchers are always looking for alternatives like use of pesticides or shearing the rear end several times. This is combined with a lot of work and high costs and has not been practicable.

The only alternative is to only use museling-free merino sheep wool.

This means breeding of sheep species with less skin folds and therefore less wool and offers the possibility to win wool considering the well-being of animals, nature and humans.

We promise with responsibility and GOTS certification to use museling-free merino wool.

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