A Cosilana article is damaged and you want to complain or have it repaired ?

In case of a complaint or for repairs you first have to contact the retailer, where you bought the item. According to valid law this is your “business partner” and all queries have to be solved between these tow parties.

This is the case for all purchases you made on-line or in a store. It is not Cosilana selling on Amazon or other on-line portals. It has been our customer selling it!

After having received your complaint or repair inquiry, the retailer will contact us and we will clarify together if the item will be repaired on-site or in our plant or if we deliver replacement. We differentiate here between a justified complaint and damages occurred by inappropriate handling, which is neither material- nor production fault and does not authorize reimbursement.

Please consider:
If the retailer asks you to send us your article, please pay postage for the parcel. Unfree parcels will not be accepted and returned. We of course reimburse postage in case of a justified complaint.

Also important: Please put a sheet with your complete address and name and address of the retailer into your parcel. This enables us to return the repaired or replaced article safely back to you!

Your favourite garment is not necessarily damaged, when repaired. You may give it a second chance by repairs with patches and embroideries. Damaged bodies may become a shirt, a long-sleeve shirt may be changed into a short-sleeved when hem is damaged. “After broken – more beautiful” is the title of the German book beneath.


For any questions concerning cloth or thread please contact us verkauf@cosilana.de

“After broken – more beautiful”

In case of moth holes or other damages during wearing of the garment as for example broken cuffs or toe holes there is a possibility to repair.

This book offers ideas and instruction for repairing these ugly holes.

In this way you may transform a broken item to a new favourite.

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