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Data Protection and Privacy Policy

With this Privacy Policy we declare as data controllers in confirmation with the prescriptions of the regulation (EU) 2016/679 kind, volume and reasons for the collection of personal data in connection with our Internet offer.


I    Definition

1. “personal data” are all information relevant to an identified or identifiable natural person.  An identifiable person is who directly or indirectly could be identified by an answerback, name, physical address, personal number, online-logins or by one or more special data, that is expression of the physical, physiological, genetic, metal, commercial, cultural or social identity of a person.

2. “data processing” is the procedure with or without automatization in context with personal data like collecting, registering, organizing, saving and changing, read out, sign up, sharing by transmission or other form of provision, comparing or shortcut, limitation, deletion or annihilation.

3. “Responsible” is a natural or legal person, authority or establishment or other party, who decides alone or together with others concerning means and purpose of the handling of personal data. If means and purposes of this handling are regulated by Union Laws or Laws of the Member States the responsible may be denominated according to Union Law or Law of the Member State.

4. “Recipients” are natural or legal persons, authorities, establishments or other parties, who receive personal data, if it this is a third party or not. Authorities collecting data on base of a special investigation order according to Union Law or Law of the Member States however are not recipients. Data collected by these authorities are supported by the relevant data protection prescriptions for the particular purpose.


II  General Information 

1. Responsible for data use

Cosilana Naturwäsche GmbH
Bruppenweg 8
D-72379 Hechingen-Schlatt

Phone +49 (0)7477- 151 117



2. Contact of the authorized representative for data protection

Cosilana Naturwäsche GmbH

Christina Acker

Bruppenweg 8
D-72379 Hechingen-Schlatt

Tel. +49 (0)7433 - 90 46 846



3. Legal basis

We are handling date on basis of one of the following legal points:

- Agreement of the persons to the handling of their personal data for one or more special reasons (Art. 6 point 1 S. 1 lit.a  GDPR)

- Realization of a contract with a certain person or pre-contracts on demand of the persons concerned (Art. 6 point 1 S1 lit .b GDPR)

- Realization of a legal duty we are bound to (Art. 6 Point 1 S.1  lit. c GDPR)

- Protection of vital interests of the persons concerned or other natural persons (Art. 6 point 1 S 1 lit.d GDPR)

- Protection of our own interest or those of third persons (Art. 6 point 1 S. 1 lit.f GDPR)


In this data protection declaration we refer to the respective legal basis as follows.


4.    Transmission of data to recipients

We are transmitting data to recipients (data processors or other third persons) only if necessary and under the following conditions:

- The person concerned has agreed to the transmission

- The transmission is necessary for realization of a contract or pre-contract on behalf of the person concerned

- We are legally forced to transmit the data

- The transmission is made on basis of our own legitimate interest or that of a third person.


5.    Third countries

The transmission of personal data to a country of an international organization outside the

European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA) is only made subject to legal or contractual permission and the Art. 44 et sqq GDPR. This means that for the country concerned there has to be a resolution of acceptability of the EU conformable to Art. 45 GDPR, adequate guarantees for data protection conformable to Art. 46 GDPR or binding

Intern data protection prescriptions conformable to Art. 46 GDPR.


6.    Rights of the persons concerned

As person concerned you have the following rights:

- You may request all personal data we hold on you according to Ar. 15 GDPR. Further you may request the reasons for purposes of handling data, the recipients to whom your data has been or will be passed, the time of storage respectively the criterion for the storage and storage time, origin of data if not indicated by yourselves, any information as to automated decisions including profiling and the respective details as logic, importance and consequences, the right for correction or deletion of you data, limitation of distribution, complaints submitted to regulation authorities. You also have a right to know is your data has been passed to third countries or to an international organization – and if this is the case – the adequate guarantees for this transfer.

- You may request immediate correction of incorrect or incomplete personal data we saved according to art. 16 GDPR.

- You may request deletion of your personal data according to art. 17 GDPR if storage is not necessary for the right of freedom of expression and information, to comply with a legal obligation, for reasons of public interest or for enforcement, exercising or defense of legal claims.

- You may request a limit for the handling of your data according to art. 18 GDPR, if you do not agree to the correctness of your data, handling is illegal but you reject the deletion of your data and they are no longer needed. If you need the data we have saved and do not longer need for the realization or defense of legal requirements or if you have entered an objection according to art. 21 GDPR to the handling of your data, but it is not yet certain if our interests to the handling of your data is predominant.

- You may request the transmission of the data you provided us with in a structured,  machine readable and current format to you or an other person in charge according to art. 20 GDPR.

- You may enter an objection against the handling of your data according to art. 21 GDPR if there are reasons in your personal situation of if the objection is made against direct marketing and the handling of your data is a legitimate interest according to art. 6 point 1 S. 1 lit. f GDPR.

- According to art. 7 point 3 GDPR you may withdraw your acceptance at any time. As a consequence of this we are no longer allowed to handle your personal data.

- According to art. 77 GDPR you may file complaint at an authority in the Member State of your normal residence, your working place or the place of the alleged infringement.


If you want to claim the above mentioned rights you may contact us or our authorized representative at the contact above mentioned.


7.    Deletion or restriction of personal data

Personal data will be deleted if they are no longer needed for the purpose of their collection or if there are no legal prescription for the saving of the data if there is no other regulation for different situations in this data protection declaration. We will delete data according to

Art. 17 GDPR on demand, if the requirements are complied with. If data are necessary for other and legally accepted reasons they will not be deleted but the handling will be limited according to art. 18 GDPR. In case of limitation data will not be used for other purposes. This is for example the case for data we have to save according to fiscal and commercial law.

Documents according to §257 point 1 No. 2 and 3 German HGB, §147 point 1 Nr. 2, 3, 5 AO will be saved for 6 years, documents according to §247, point 1 Nr. 1 and 4 German HGB and

§147 point 1 No. 1, 4 a AO will be saved for 10 years.


8.    Cookies

We use cookies for our internet offers. Cookies are small text files, which your browser creates automatically and saves them on your terminal (Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, PC and others), if you visit our website. Cookies do not damage your terminal, do not contain viruses or other harmful software. The cookies save information but this does not mean that we can identify you. Cookies are only used to make the online offer more effective, user friendly and sure.

We use session cookies to see during your visit on our website that you have visited different sites of our offer. Such cookies offer also certain functions. Session cookies are deleted after your visit to our internet offer.

Beyond that we also use temporary cookies for increasing the user friendliness and make statics of the using of our internet offer, that are saved on your terminal for a certain time.

If you visit our website again, these cookies recognize that you have visited us before and which insertions and adjustments you made so that you do not have to make these again.

Data handled by cookies are necessary and correspond for the mentioned reasons our legitimate interest according to art. 6 point 1 S.1 lit. f GDPR.

Most browsers accept cookies automatically. If you do not want this, you may configurate your browser in the way that no cookies will be saved on your terminal or you are warned each time before a new cookie is installed. You may generally contradict to cookies used for online marketing for example at http://www.youronlinechoices.com or at the deactivating site of the network marketing action group http://optout.networkadvertising.com . Deactivating cookies may lead to the fact that you are not able to use all possibilities of a website.


III Handling processes

1.    Hosting

We use the service of hosting enterprises for our internet offer as for example provision of webservers, memory capacity, data base services, security and attendance services.

We respectively our hosting partner are handling personal data of users of our internet offer based on a legitimate interest of an efficient and secure putting our online offer at the disposal of the users according to art. 6 point 1 lit f GDPR.

2.    Access rights and logfiles

When entering our online offer respectively the different sites the browser of your terminal is sending automatically information to the server of our online offer. This information is saved by so called logfiles by our hosting partner or ourselves and will be deleted after 6 months at least.

The following information will be saved:

- IP address of the contacting computer

- Date and time of contact

- Name and URL of the retrieved file

- Website contacting (Referrer-URL)

- Used browser and eventually the operation system of your computer

- Status codes and transferred data volume

- Name of your access provider

The dates will be handled for the following purposes:

- Providing the internet offer including all contents and functions

- Assuring a smooth link connection of the website

- Assuring a comfortable use of the website

- Assuring the system security and stability

- Anonymizes statistical evaluation of accesses

- Improvement of the website

- Transmission to law enforcement agency if there has been an illegal attack/intervention to our systems

- Other administrative purposes

The base of handling dates is art. 6 point 1 S. 1 lit f GDPR. Our legitimate interest is based on the purposes mentioned above for saving data. We never use data to determine your identity.


1.    Contact form/ Other contacts

If you use our contact form you are asked for your name, your e-mail-address and probably other data so that we will be able to contact you personally. Further data could be indicated voluntarily. The handling of your data for contact purposes and answering your inquiries is based on art. 6 point 1 S.1 lit a GDPR and we imply your voluntary consent. All data saved in context with the contact form will be deleted after having accomplished your inquiry, if no longer needed for the documentation of other business transactions (for example order to be delivered).

If you contact us by other means (for example by e-mail) and indicate herewith personal data, we will only use this data to answer your inquiry and will delete it afterwards.


2.    E-mail direct advertising

If you are customer and we know your e-mail-address in connection with an order for goods or services we can use your e-mail-address for direct advertising for similar goods or services. This is only the case if you did not contradict and we inform you of the possibility of contradiction when saving your address and with any use of it. Legal basis is our legitimate interest in direct marketing according to art. 6 point 2 lit.f GDPR.


3.    Registration /User account

You have the possibility to register on our website by indicating personal data. The registration is voluntary and based on art. 6 point 1 S. 1 lit. a GDPR and your voluntary agreement. Which data is transmitted depends on the entry mask used for registration.

The personal data registered will be used for our offers and the information relevant for offers and registration. You may check your personal data saved by using your personal access and you may change data at any time. The data will be saved until you delete your account or instruct us to delete it for you. If your data is needed because of commercial or financial prescriptions concerning safekeeping periods your data will be saved until then and deleted afterwards.


If you register on our website or use the user’s account we will save your IP-address and the time of your particular use. This saving is effected according to art. 6 point 1 S, 1 lit. f GDPR based on our legitimate interest to provide our offer.   We do this in your own interest to avoid abuse and unauthorized usage. The user’s account and the data saved are mainly important to enable you to place your orders, do inform us about your complaints and give you access to former orders and documents. We do not pass this data to third persons, except it is necessary to fulfill contracts according to art. 6 point 1 lit. b GDPR or to enforce our claims or if there is a legal obligation according to art. 6 point 1 lit. c GDPR.


4.    Contract data

In connection with and for the purpose of fulfilling pre-contract and contract duties concerning our internet offer, which are required by the respective person we handle the personal data of this person. These are:


- Data of the partner such as name, address and contact data as well as different addresses for invoices or deliveries, different recipients for invoices or deliveries and as far as necessary birth dates.

- Contract data such as subject of the contract, terms of validity, customers category

- Payment data, such as bank account, credit card data, payment history


This is based on art. 6 point 1 S. 1 lit. b. GDPR.

Data will only be passed to third persons if it will be necessary to fulfill contract duties, for example to banks, payment service providers, credit card providers for payment purposes  and to transporters for the dispatch of goods.


IV  Rating and Scoring

- Based on Art. 6 point 1 lit b and lit. f GDPR we make a solvency check before contracting with customers to avoid cash loss which is in accordance to our legitimate interest. This is only made if the payment conditions are against invoice or debit entry. For this purpose we pass name, birth date and address of customer to Verband der Vereine

Creditreform e. V., Hellersbergstrasse 12, D-41460 Neuss, Germany. For the examination of solvency they use probability values (so-called score values), which work with addresses for calculation. Calculation of Score values is based on an academically accepted mathematic -statistic method. You will find further information concerning handling of your data by Creditreform on https://creditreform.de/navigations/contentfooter/datenschutzerklaerung.html

If solvency is insufficient we do not accept payment by debit entry or invoice. If you do not accept this data transfer, please choose a different payment method.