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How to avoid pilling or how to remove it:

Pilling is a normal and natural effect and is often considered as „proof“ of an natural finished wool item. Pilling is a result of rubbing of the woolen garment against itself or to synthetic fabrics or other garments. That is not too beautiful ...

No problem, there is a simple and cheap trick !
You only need a dry blade razor and some skill. Tension the cloth a bit and and shave the surface carefully. It is very important that there are no pleats to avoid damages of the fabric. Please be take care not to damage the seams and stitchings. The woolen knops will be removed completely by the razor and remain removed.

The wonderbrush is a good alternative for those who are afraid to damage the fabric. This method is also quick and safe, needs however more skill and effort. The fibres are cut off so that new fibres are drawn out of the garment and new pilling knops are the result.
The procedure with the brush has to be repeated from time to time!



There are different miracle brushes for different purposes.
Please use the following miracle brush®, which is suitable for pilling:


Miracle brush® ORIGINAL "by William Leistner" No. 6 s 06 o

Pilling can be avoided by a good maintance process!

A very dry wool fibre will more often build pilling than a fibre provided with enough humidity.
Therefore you should give a humidity shower to your woolen garments. Put it on your balcony on a misty day or in your bathing room while it is still steamy. In case of washing the garment an ecological and regreasing wool detergent guarantees that the wool hairs tick to the fibre and do not stick out.
This is a prevention to minimize pilling.