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Sustainability in connection with the theme of Eco Award

Carpet Lana Cotta - "UPCYCLING" is an important theme for COSILANA

Fotos: Jane Pabst, Zweitleben


In the production chain of individual qualities, our philosophy of health, sustainability and the social component is always present.

Sustainability should include not only the materials but really all areas of production. Our processes as well as our natural fibers are GOTS certified. Controlled biological cultivation and controlled biological animal husbandry are a matter of course, which means that chemical pesticides and chemical additives are not allowed.


Sustainability in production and also at the end of the production chain an important topic ...


Here, remnants of material are formed. But what happens with these at Cosilana?


Cosilana is pleased to have found a sustainable and meaningful solution in the cooperation with the textile designer Ute Ketelhake. At the end of the production chain, the term "UPCYCLING" is of paramount importance at Cosilana with the resulting material residues, the ever-increasing responsibility of the topic of sustainability.
"UPCYCLING" is a sustainable and ecological process of further processing valuable substances (seemingly useless substances or residues).
For this, no new resources are needed, but new ones are created in the sense of ecology and sustainability from existing overproductions or arising residues.
In co-operation with the textile designer Ute Ketelhake, a valuable cooperation has developed here in which we would like to participate.


Mrs. Ketelhake received the Eco-Design Award in 2013 for her work.