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Comfortable clothes from nature

The nature offers us excellent solutions. Cosilana therefore trusts in 100 % nature, complete environmental consciousness and a sociological concept.


Not as trend but from decades of firm conviction.


Our natural fibres are all from controlled ecological stockbreeding and controlled ecological cultivation. We guarantee that they are free from chemical supplements and pesticides. The processing is done on a highly value-based production in Hechingen on the Swabian Alb in Germany.


Continuity and a trusty collaboration is our constant effort. This philosophy remains even when times are changing and we are always endavoured to meet the present claims. New ways and solutions combined with optimism, visions and power of endurance let us act not react. This guarantees persistence and a constant, ensured quality.


As a profit of the experiences of the enterprises and members of IVN we are able to look back on decades of textile production in an environemental und health-conscious way.The IVN was founded by the members of the working group Natural Textiles (AKN), which had existed since 1989 and passed over to the IVN in 1999. Its philosophy „There is nothing good, except it is done…“ is as actual as ever.


The basic value of Cosilana „Respect for the Planet und the Human Beeings“ requires our complete efforts more than ever before.


The result of our consequent production philosophy is: a natural air conditioner for the body from cosy soft, smooth and extremely light clothes as children love and need it.


100 % regional 100 % Cosilana