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How to prevent moth holes in clothes?

To protect our beloved woolen garment from damages by moths you should use lavender fragrance or arolla pine wood in your closets and drawers. This has an deterrent effect to moths but will not remove them from clothes already moth-ridden. Moths destroy the woolen fibres and cause holes or pinch the fabric out so that holes occur by stretching and wearing. Moths can only be kept away by using air-tight bags to store the garment. A convenient way to protect your clothes is to use the original packaging from Cosilana, such as we do. By using the plastic bag for further application it will have a sustainable effect and counteracts the throw-away mentality.

For further information concerning mothproofing go to www.aries.de


What can I do to repair my clothes when moth damages made them look shabby and I want to wear again?
It is the same question in case of all other holes that occur during use of garments as for example the mean „drill toe“.


A very nice book has been published with a lot of ideas and tutorials for repairing such ugly holes. So you can make a new wonderful favorite garment in terms of sustainability.
Just click on the image to get ideas for changing a damaged piece to an individual item:


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