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To wash and treat wool

To wash and treat wool is not difficult at all..

If you consider some important facts. Wool is granting a high comfort in wearing is however very sensitive due to the special structure of its fibre. We will help you herewith to treat your woollen garments and guarantee a long lasting pleasure.

Structure of a woollen fibre: Each woollen fibre is surrounded by scales. Due to this wool reacts normally very sensitive to mechanical influences  especially when it is wet ( f. e. when washing).

Therefore it is essential to consider exactly the correct temperature and detergent. Great variations in temperate of washing and rinsing may cause a damage as well as mechanical influences by which the woollen fibres get stuck and the garment is felting.


Attention to the choice of detergents..

Synthetical and inferior detergents could damage the woollen fibres. By their consistence these detergents are not adequate for the treatment of natural fibres without chemical finishing. They contain enzymes which will split the protein molecules or even destroy them. They also cause a swelling of the fibres by which your garment is losing shape, undesired pilling is possible and the fibres may even felt.


Only use ecological detergents…

that have a neutral pH-value and do not contain the enzymes to split the protein molecules. They are in a high way gentle to the fibres and the sensitive textile structure will be saved. These detergents are containing the natural and important wool wax, Lanolin, which is not only cleaning the fibres but also caring it by its re-greasing nature. Your garments treated like this will keep the shape, conserve the colours and the smooth and cosy character.


The correct drying….

Tear the wet garment carefully back to shape, warp it into a towel and press the remaining water softly out. Woollen garments should never be hung up for drying above all not on the heating device.

Woollen textiles should be dried in lying on a towel and you should in all cases avoid the direct sun.


Exactly balanced for the requirements of wool are the detergents of “Ulrich Natur” and “Sonett”.

Both brands are offering a unique all-around care, softly bathing the fibres when washing, cleaning and maintaining them. This will save the garments from pilling, loss of colours and shape and ugly felting. Contrary to the widespread opinion that handwashing of wool is difficult, you should only consider the above recommendations: Constant temperature of washing  and rinsing water, no wrapping and kneading, correct choice of detergent and careful drying.


If you consider these points you will have a long lasting pleasure with your beloved wool garments.