To wash and care wool correctly is (not) a big act

If you consider some important facts. Wool offers highest wearing comfort by its special structure, but the fibres are very sensitive.  The following information will help you to care perfectly for your woollen garments, what will grant you a long-term satisfaction.

Interesting Facts:

Structure of the Wool Fibre

Each wool fibre is surrounded by scales..
Because of this special structure wool is very sensitive to mechanical treatment when it is wet (for example when washing). It is very important to choose the correct washing temperature and the suitable detergent. Extreme differences in washing and rinsing temperature could cause negative results. The scales in the wool fibres can be matted by mechanical movement and the garments are felting and shrinking.

When handwashing please consider the following information:

  • Constant water temperature, as well for washing as for rinsing
  • No wringing and kneading
  • Choose the suitable wool detergent for natural fibres
  • Correct drying

How to hand-wash my garments?

Use hand-warm water (max. 30° degrees) and add detergent considering the dosing instructions.

  • Put garment in washing water and press carefully various times. Take it out and press slightly to remove the surplus of water.

  • Fill in clear rinsing water of max. 30° degrees. There should be no differences between washing and rinsing water!

  • Please rinse only short time and then press slightly.

  • Pull the garment in shape and put it on a towel to dry.

How to wash in the machine?

  • You may wash our articles in your washing machine using the recommended detergents.

  • Please consider also the max. washing temperature of 30° degrees. IMPORTANT: without spinning! This would cause felting process.

  • Take the article out and wrap it in a towel to remove water without kneading and pressing.
  • Pull the wet article into shape again and let it dry on the towel.


What do you have to consider when drying a woollen garment?

Pull the wet textiles into shape and wrap it into a towel to remove the surplus water. There is no need to press or knead. The woollen articles react sensitive with loss of shape or even felting.

Woollen garments should never be hanged for drying: ALWAYS DRY LYING.

When hung on a clothes line or a hanger the garments may loose their shape by their weight and will be longer and/or bulged. The best way to dry woollen textiles is lying flat on a towel.

Do not dry in sun or nearby heat sources.

Do not put your woollen textiles on a radiator! The garment will not dry equally what may cause a loss of lanolin (wool fat) and changes of colour and material. DRYING IN A TUMBLE WILL RUIN YOUR GARMENTS FOREVER!

If there are some bulges, caused for example by a hanger you may  remove them by drying the article as described above. It may recover its shape normally.

If you should have treated your garment not correctly and it is felted this will not be reversable.

This is not a material or production fault and does not justify a complaint!


Correct care of wool – simple airing overnight.

Our woollen garments do not have to be washed after each wearing. The woollen fibres are covered with lanolin and therefore are able to reject dirt and remain elastic.

Wool has the natural resistance against microorganisms and smell generation. So you may wear our woollens for several days without problems with any smell. This is due to two characteristics of wool: it absorbs humidity and has a negative charged, scaly surface. Germs, which cause an unpleasant smell prefer plain and positive charged surfaces like for example on synthetic fibres.

This is the reason why it is not necessary to wash the garment after each time of wearing.

You may hang it on fresh air and let it clean itself. Normally it will smell fresh again afterwards.

This will protect the environment and conserves the quality of the wool.

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