What is the TOG-Value?

The TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) is a measure for thermal resistance of textiles. The higher this value, the higher the thermal behaviour of the quality.

The “correct” TOG-VALUE depends mainly from the room temperature.

The recommended temperature for a children room/sleeping room is 16 – 18° degrees.

Which TOG-VALUE should be applied is indicated as below:

0.5 TOG: Summer sleeping sack for hot temperatures from 22° C on
1.0 TOG: Leichter Schlafsack bei Temperaturen von 19-24°C
1.5 TOG: Moderately heavy sleeping sack for temperatures from 18 to 21°C
2.0 TOG: Lined sleeping sack for temperatures from 17 to 20°C
2.5 – 3 TOG: Heavily lined sleeping sack for temperatures under 16°C


This shows the deficiency of this system, so popular presently. It is measuring only the thermal resistance of the material.

The TOG-Value does not adequately consider if the material has only been knitted or also has been fulled afterwards.

It is not important for the TOG- Value if the garment has long or short sleeves or what a child wears under its sleeping sack.

This however is absolutely important for the well-being and is not to be judged by the TOG-Value.



The weight of a cloth indicated in grams refers to one running meter, but does not consider the width, which may vary considerably.

A direct comparison therefore is only possible with other standards and special knowledge.


is a unit for measuring the fineness of fibres. One Micron is a thousandth of a millimeter.
The smaller the Micron rate the finer the fibre. We use fine, natural merino wool from 19,5 Micron on.
This is very fine and comfortable on the skin.

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