Our Qualities

Quality 45 woollen terry cloth

For our wollen garments we only use finest untreated merino wool.

This quality balances temperature and has a an antibacterial effect by its natural lanolin content. Therefore it is absolutely sufficient to air the woollens often and only now and then clean them with a mild wool-detergent with re-greasing contents. Please choose ecological wool detergents. Synthetically produced biological detergents do not care enough your garments.

Because we do not finish our wool for machine washing (with chlorine chemistry) we recommend handwashing at 30° degrees. Then pull into shape and dry carefully by wrapping into a towel.

Qualität 48 Wollfleece Mischung

Quality 48 Wool Fleece Mixture
With our high quality mixture of bio fibres in 60 % merino wool K.b.T. and 40 % cotton K.b.A. we have combined the advantages of both fibres.

Merino wool offers by its natural properties highest wearing comfort but is very sensitive in fibre structure. Due to this special structure wool is extremely sensitive to mechanical treatment above all when it is wet (when washing). By the new mixture of wool with cotton the properties of both fibres are combined. Our natural cotton gives the garment more  wear resistance and form stability. The special structure of the wool fibre offers a very good body climate and the cotton supports it with an air layer to form a kind of thermal store. At the same time it transports the humidity to the wool, from where humidity evaporates.

By this fibre mixture we succeeded to produce a quality which may be machine washed at max. 30° degrees. Please consider: WITHOUT SPINNING

Quality 71 Wool/Silk

The mixture of 70 % merino wool and 30 % silk combines the advantages of both fibres. 

Wool offers a comfortable warmth, silk guarantees a skin friendly well-being. Wool is a protein fibre and therefore an excellent temperature restrain system. It regulates the skin breathing and the oxygen exchange. Wool is also a regulator of moisture, that means it is capable to absorb one-third of its weight of moisture and release it to the environment, depending on external conditions.

We use wool from merino sheep , which is very fine, does not scratch and feels smooth and cosy. This quality is very much convenient for sensitive skin. The perfect air conditioner for your child.

Quality 91 Silk/wool/cotton Special quality

A quality from 45 % cotton, 35 % merino wool and 20 % silk is an innovative development for very soft year-round clothes.

Please consider also our care instructions on our special page: Care instructions.

We produce in the region Swabian Alb in southern Germany and guarantee highest processing quality.

Cosilana uses GOTS certified yarn, produced with natural processes. Therefore it is possible that you will find structural failures like in the coat of a sheep. These failures and foreign substances are proof of a natural and sustainable production and thus no quality failures and cannot be accepted as complaints.

We have the used natural fibres regularly tested to avoid eventual residues. From January 2006 on we have been member of the IVN controlling system, which has passed to GOTS from 2010 on. If you are interested in more information, please contact us. We wish you a lot of pleasure when wearing our garments.

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