GOTS Certification


What stands certification for?

The GOTS certification covers all production steps of ecological textiles as well as their distribution. It is pre scripted that only eco fibres accepted and allowed by IFOAM Familiy of Standards and certified there under (inter-)national standards are used.

The GOTS controlling system is supervised by independent and GOTS accepted certification authorities, which control the processing, producing and distributing enterprises regularly and certify them. GOTS certification has an especially developed accreditation scheme, which guarantees a constant surveyance. The integrity of GOTS certified textiles is warranted by a reliable certification system.

The certification number can be controlled on to be sure, that an enterprise is not only advertising but really produces considering all requirements!

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Quality standards GOTS and foreign fibres


We are producing in the region of Swabian Alb in Baden-Württemberg and guarantee highest quality.

We have the fibres we use regularly examined by a recognized environmental laboratory.

Cosilana uses only yarns certified by GOTS, produced in natural processes. Thus it is possible that your garment shows structural faults such as in the sheep’s wool. These structural faults and foreign fibres are expression of a natural and sustainable production. They are not a quality defect and are not accepted as a complaint.

Since January 2006 we are member of the IVN controlling system which now is GOTS.

Precondition for the GOTS certificate and the label “made with organic” is that at least 70 percent of the textiles has to be certificated eco fibres. It is not allowed to mix normal, un-certified cotton with eco fibres in one product.

Precondition for the GOTS label “organic”: The textile product has to contain at least 95 percent of certified eco fibres.

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